Jewelry Care

Every piece of Jco jewelry is hand-crafted and made from sterling silver, requires delicate handling.

It is completely natural for sterling silver to oxidise over time when it’s exposed to air. After each wear, use a jewelry cleaning cloth to give the piece a gentle wipe and it will shine right back up! You may also use this cloth to lightly polish your yellow & rose gold plated pieces, if needed.

All jewelry should be taken off before showering/swimming/exercising, and kept clean & dry in a closed storage, such as an air-tight plastic bag provided, when not in use. Jewelry should be properly cleaned from time to time to maintain the product.


Our endless hoops need a special, but easy, instruction on how to close them. When we make the hoops we finish them with the pin quite tight into the tube of the hoop; this is for quality reasons. When you open them to put them into your ears they, therefore, sometimes don’t close directly. The key on how to close them is to bend the pin just a little bit with your fingers until the pin slips pretty easily into the tube of the hoop. Next, put them in your ears and you’ll notice that they close surprisingly fast.


We strive to use the finest quality materials to craft each piece so that your J&Co Jewelry purchases can be treasured forever.

925 sterling silver, 14k gold vermeil and 14k gold filled are the primary materials in the J&Co Jewelry collection. 

All of our earring posts are made of solid 925 sterling silver. We use genuine semi-precious stones and Swarovski crystals.

What is 14k Gold Filled?

Its a thick layer solid 14k Gold over jewelry brass core. Gold filled jewelry is a next best option after solid gold. It looks the same as solid gold and can be worn by people with sensitive skin or allergies. It can last you for years or decades , with proper care.

If you are concerned or have questions about jewelry care then please contact us at hello@jcojewellery.com

What is Cubic Zirconia?

Cubic zirconia is created in a lab yet it dazzles with a brilliant sparkle like a diamond. The name “cubic” refers to the crystal symmetry and “zirconia” is the chemical composition (zirconium oxide).